About Us

J & J Hay Farms has 40+ years experience growing, selecting and supplying top-grade hay to customers throughout the United States. Clients include well-known names such as the Budweiser Clydesdales and the Auburn Equine Veterinary School.

Meet the Team

Alan Jessie, owner, and president grew up on a 300-acre dairy farm in Northern Kentucky growing his own hay to run a successful business. Today, Alan’s extensive knowledge of the hay industry is your advantage as he can fill the needs of your equine or livestock operation with the highest quality square bales and round bales year round.

 What others say about us

“I have found that if my hay is not good, my Thoroughbreds do not maintain a good weight.  I switched to J and J Hay Farms Timothy/Alfalfa mix and now my horses keep a good weight and need less grain. We also get our straw bedding from J and J Hay Farms. It is clean and dust free so it is for great bedding for our broodmares and foals.”

“I manage a boarding facility with over 40 horses.  In the past, it has been difficult to find quality hay in bulk and sometimes it was difficult to even find horse quality hay at the end of the season. We now buy high-quality horse hay by the truckload from J and J Hay Farms by at great prices. Now I know I will have enough hay to get us through winter and it will always be of consistently high quality.”

“We have a competition horse boarding operation and pay close attention to each individual horse’s nutritional needs. Alan consistently has high-quality timothy alfalfa as well as orchard and other grass hay that meets all of our needs. Visit Cedar Ridge Farm’s Website.”

“As a Gypsy Vanner breeder responsible for over 25 mares, babies and stallions, it is reassuring to know where my next hay delivery is coming from. J & J Hay Farms not only keeps an inventory (so I don’t have to), but the quality of their hay is always consistent and the prices fair. You get what you pay for and J & J always delivers, literally! I expect the best quality hay for my championship Gypsy Vanners. I depend on J and J and they do not disappoint. Visit Stillwater Farm’s Website.”